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August began the frantic search to find a lotus blossom, the inspiration for Sophia. The season had ended just a few weeks earlier but Nancy was determined to find her muse.

A day spent at the Self Realization Center in Los Angeles, trying to sneak down into the ponds under the watchful eyes of the  buddhist monks, didn't get her close enough to the few remaining lotus blossoms floating in their pond. Finally, in an obscure little town called Sunland, she found her own pond. Sophia was purchased at the Water Gardens nursery and brought back to her loft to live in her temporary home in a tub of water.

Sophia is inspired by the curious and mysterious life of a lotus blossom. Petals unfurl in the morning light and the lotus blossom floats happily with her lily pads until dusk. Then the leaves retract and close up, and the lotus blossom submerges into her mysterious night life.

The plates are:

Porcelain, lead-free, dishwasher safe

Dinner Plates: 10.75” Rimmed

Charger: 12” Rimmed

Set of 4 in any combination of color variations shown within a pattern series

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