Jewelry designer and stylist Victoria Simes began creating her jewelry line while working on runway shows for Zero Maria Cornejo, embellishing the Zero looks with her own jewelry creations. This launched Victoria’s foray into jewelry designing Saltalamacchia, borrowed from her grandmother’s name as she was responsible for introducing Victoria to fashion’s eccentricities and a her love of knits. Yarns are the essence of Saltalamacchia’s fundamental line. It incorporates this raw material with chain, rings, crystals and horse hair. The long lariats can be worn as a necklace, tie, bracelet, belt or any other way that you can imagine. For a gender bender appeal it is to be worn by both men and women. The newest addition to the line is the horse hair collection mainly knotted in a brillliant color range that adds a unique twist ot Saltalamacchia’s raw purity.

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necklaces worn by Victoria Simes  as featured in City Magazine